2000 square foot black light arena!

Roo's XBLASTER Lazer
Tag System
provides an exciting variety
of new game challenges! You can still play a
traditional game or try one of our new game additions - Save the President, Medic, Capture the Flag, and many other exciting new options! Great exercise, great fun!

XBLASTER Lazer Tag starts at just $6.00/person/game (+tax)


NEW! XBlaster goes Mobile -
See our special brochure

We have PODs - Programmable Ordnance Devices - which are a hybrid mobile or fixed device which are programmed as munitions, universal or HQ targets, life re-energizers, penalty points, universal sheilds, etc. The POD can be positioned within the lazer tag arena to provide a destination location where players can interact (get hit by it, re-energize, etc.). Or the PODs can be worn by players as a body target to provide a whole new type of lazer game experience.

Create a challenge - Form a team to take on your buddies (the 'enemy' team) in a traditional game - but add a few PODs for an exciting new challenge. Or play Save Your Boss in a 'friendly' challenge of the store next door!

Roo's Lazer Tag League Roo's XBlaster
Lazer Tag League -

Meets every Wednesday, 6–7 pm
New theme each week!

XBLASTER Lazer Tag League $6.50/player/week (+tax)

Roo's XBlaster Lazer Tag

STANDARD GAMES 2-15 players. Game length 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes.

10 min game $6.00
15 min game $7.00
20 min game $8.00
25 min game $9.00
per person (+tax)

Group and Team Discounts Pre-booked standard games Please ask
SPECIALTY GAMES • Save the President • Save the Boss •
• Take a Medic • Capture the Flag •
Need a minimum of 3 people per team and 2 or 3 teams to play.
20 minute games
$9.00 per person (+tax)
Arena rental $250 per hour (+tax)

Roo's Mobile Lazer Tag


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